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How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster – Order the e-book today for 50% off

“As a self-help book it is the ultimate manual… This is a must have for anyone who prizes photo, papers etc. … even without a disaster.” –Juanita Thinnes, Past Pres. Friends of the Historic Mission Inn, Riverside, California and genealogist.

“Thank you for How To Save Your Stuff from A Disaster. Its a great book and should sell like crazy!” –Michael Clark, VP Marketing, Fitness Quest, Time Warner, Georgia

“If there is one book to have when there is a disaster… this is it! This will be a best seller.” –Andrew Linick, The Linick Group, Inc., New York

“As an author and expert in the Human Resource industry, I believe that How To Save Your Stuff has an essential message for the workplace and emergency preparedness/disaster planning. Scott Haskins’ message is clear, his continuing education is top quality and I am intent on getting the word out to all of my contacts in the industry.” –Rayanne Thorn at www.rayannethorn.com

“This is such a great book! I’m going to have all my workers read it so we can earthquake proof my client’s homes.” –Debbie Medlin, house cleaning services, mother of 3, California

“This informal, even whimsical book… is particularly valuable because of its practicality. It offers sound instruction rather than high minded scholarship to address the kinds of objects real people really have. This book is a valuable resource for reliable information.” –Linda Monka, Editor of Antiques West Newspaper, New York

“Your book is fantastic! I shoved a copy in a friend’s face and said, ‘you have to buy a copy of this book!’ I’m going to get all my historical society and museum clients in the State of Wisconsin to buy a copy.”–Mr. Tony Rajer, Conservator of Art, Madison, Wisconsin

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I think every gallery and collector should have a copy. I’m going to tell everyone about it…. in fact, can I have another copy of the book for a friend?” ( I said yes) –Joe Beeler, Cowboy Artist, Living Legend in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Arizona

“Am writing to thank you for my copy of your informative, amusing, and useful to me How To Save Your Stuff from A Disaster. I believe it will prove to be a useful addition to the literature in the field aimed at the lay audiences. All the best wishes to see it soon on the New York Best Seller List!” –James Swope, Conservator of Fine Art, Florida

“I love this book! It’s so easy to read. Now I know how to get started saving the stuff my kids bring home from school.” –Diane Del Vecchio, advertising agency executive, mother of 2, California

“People send us for review about 500 books a month. Of those, we pick a couple that we might want to represent. Your book is great. We are very excited! We can get this book into 8000 stores nationwide, immediately!” –Cori Beutler, Publisher’s Distribution Center, Utah

“This is just the kind of book I was looking for. We’ll keep it handy in our reference library and use it to answer reader’s questions. I think all our readers should know about it.” –Linda Krueger, Editor Collector’s News, Iowa

“In my region of the country, I am known as the ‘Earthquake Lady.’ Whenever the press wants to know something, I’m the one in front of the camera. I’m always getting questions about people’s personal items and I’ve always had difficulty answering them. Now I can answer all their questions! I’m so pleased to have found this book!” –Dr. Joyce B. Bagley, Charleston Southern University, S. Carolina

“We hand out information to the public on disaster planning and I will be happy to let them know about your book. We will keep our copy for ready reference.” –Heather A. Lyle, Emergency Planner, City of Vancouver, Canada

“This information needs to be in the hands of every staff member in every FEMA office in disaster areas.” –Dr. Bill Henriques, Public Information Officer, Federal Coordinating Officer for Disasters, FEMA, National Contingency Program, Public Affairs

“Francis Bacon said, ‘Some books are to be read, others to be digested.’ This book surely falls into the category of the latter. This is a book that would make Lewis Carroll’s Alice very happy: ‘Lots of pictures and conversations’.. a jolly good read!” –Kenneth Winslow, Butterfield and Butterfield Auction House V.P./furniture expert. California, London

“We had a painting that was worth $450,000.00; however when we removed it from the wall and moved some furniture, I accidently put a leg thru the painting. Although the repair was done flawlessly (by Scott Haskins) and the damage was invisible, the repaired painting was still devalued by $100,00.00.  If you follow the suggestions in How To Save Stuff From A Disaster you will avoid much loss of value and heartache.” –Art Gallery Owner, Carmel, CA

We lost our home in a fire in Santa Barbara, California.  We were able to replace the home, and many of the decorative furnishings.  However, I still mourn 15 yrs later the loss of childhood memories of my 4 children. If I had put into practice the tips and suggestions in in How To Save Stuff From A Disaster I would have saved many of those memoirs and would still have scrapbooks and photo albums for my children” –Bobby Boden, Santa Barbara, CA

“I have this wonderful friend named Scott Haskins who has written a fabulous book on being prepared and SAVING YOUR STUFF! His book saved my most valued possessions…photos, paintings, and more…it’s a must have! Go to www.saveyourstuff.com All of you here in Hurricane Harbor need to get this book!” –Toni Drago, Hurricane Harbor, Florida

I was panicked! What a life saver this book was! My whole box of photos (yes, an old cardboard box) was in my garage when we were hit by huge amounts of rainfall last winter. The rain poured through the garage and soaked everything that was down there. I was paniced. My girlfriend told me to go and buy this book which I did promptly. I saved every single photograph in that old box. Now my whole family history is in the proper type of books, in order and protected. Everyone should own this book. It is an excellent guide and reference book that you will refered to over and over…Amazon Book Review

Well done, concise book…handy to have around before the storm, for sure, but necessary afterward even more! Try it, you’ll like it. –Frank, an administrator in a state government office, New Orleans, LA

This book was very helpful during the storm. It showed us how to save our pictures and other valuables. –Harry M. Moore, Harvey, Louisiana

This is a must own book. It’s great for everyone but especially important if you live in costal communities. I wish I had discovered this book prior to Hurricane Katrina. I now know how to properly store and save my important documents and photographs. The book is easy to read with many illustrations and it had become an important part of preserving my family’s history and cultural identity. D. Duplantier, “Miss Nola,” an administrator for the Red Cross,New Orleans, LA

Great Resource Even When There’s No Disaster. How to Save Your Stuff is full of tips on packing, framing, storing and repairing with materials and where to find them. These are simple, straight forward, directions that anyone can follow. When I started reading it I thought I had to find squirrel’s femur bones in Africa to repair my carved heirlooms. Alas, it was only a type of glue and Scott tells you where you can locate it. I can do this!! Not just for disasters, its a recipe for aging treasures growing old gracefully. Jeannene Kott (San Francisco, CA). Her business assists in financing and organizing historic preservation projects nationwide.

Depth and breadth; the extent of Scott’s knowledge and his abilities to make it clear are truly remarkable. He has helped me avoid several mistakes. You will be well rewarded for the modest investment in this book. –S. Derrin Watson, an attorney and speaks nationwide on legal issues.

SO accurate and helpful. NO other book will save your things as this one does!!! Scott Haskins is the Guru of Art Conservation….the BEST IN THE USA!!! –Francesca and her husband Michele are small business owners in California.

VALUABLE Before AND After the Unthinkable. After reading this great “How to…” book, we made lots of changes in our home to secure our stuff against earthquakes, mudslides, etc. When a tremor did come and lots of our neighbors lost their valuables, ours were still anchored safely and we lost nothing!(Not to mention the daily tremors of grandchildren in the house.) I credit the knowledge of Scott Haskins 100%! Years later, our water heater pipe broke and flooded the garage while we were away. We came home to a waterfall cascading down our driveway! Thanks to the invaluable information in “How to Save Your Stuff From a Disaster,” most of our truly valuable items had been stored properly and safely away, but a box of pictures sitting near the floor was damaged. We were able to utilize the instructions found in this book to save almost all of them! Thank you, Scott! –Elizabeth R. Sand, a music teacher in Laguna Beach, CA

A lifesaver! I was evacuated from my house during one of four fires in the Santa Barbara area this past year. Luckily, my house was spared, but I did experience some smoke damage. How to Save Your Stuff gave me some great tips and had referrals for suppliers of preservation materials. I hope there are no more fires, but if there are, I know how to save all of my sentimental items. –George C., Santa Barbara, CA

We are very excited about getting the How To Save Your Stuff message out to all our regional SBDCs and the public. Scott Haskins’ approach is perfect for small business’ and helping them to prepare for disasters. We encourage all business owners to adopt this message and prepare for emergencies as an essential part of your business plan and mission statement. –Deborah Schueneman, CEO, SBDC Net, Information Clearinghouse for small business development centers

Buy the e-book “How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster” for 50% off - CLICK HERE

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