Museum Wax

Discover Secrets Used in Museums

To Protect and Save Figurines, Ceramics, Glassware

From Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Museum Visitors…

Collectors everywhere want to protect and save their collectibles, figurines, framed photos etc in case of mishaps with

cleaning personnel, rambunctious kids or

in case of natural disasters, vandalism, wild parties!

See this 4 minute video…

Diana’s story is part of a GREAT instructional video, which is easy to follow and super interesting and will show you how-to… and how not-to… use the Museum Wax in your home or office. This is advice by THE expert.

We have been teaching people for 25 years to protect their collectibles etc with an anchoring wax. This important tip is one of many given in the book “How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster”

by Scott M. Haskins, and is the #1 Best Selling How-To Manual

On Protecting, Preserving and Saving Your Treasured Possessions.

These are tried and true methods of protection that are employed even by museums on their collections…

like the Library of Congress and the Getty Museum!

Find out how quick, fun easy and inexpensive it is to protect, save and preserve your valuable items and have peace of mind!

Guaranteed, YOU CAN do this!

VALUABLE Before AND After the Unthinkable, August 12, 2009   5 star Review

By Elizabeth R. Sand (Laguna Beach, CA)

After reading this great “How to…” book, we made lots of changes in our home including securing our stuff against earthquakes, mudslides, etc. with Museum Wax like Scott says. When a tremor did come and lots of our neighbors lost their valuables, ours were still anchored safely and we lost nothing! (Not to mention the daily tremors of grandchildren in the house.) I credit the knowledge of Scott Haskins 100%!

Years later, our water heater pipe broke and flooded the garage while we were away. We came home to a waterfall cascading down our driveway! Thanks to the invaluable information in “How to Save Your Stuff From a Disaster,” most of our truly valuable items had been stored properly and safely away, but a box of pictures sitting near the floor was damaged. We were able to utilize the instructions found in this book to save almost all of them! Thank you, Scott!

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1. Download an e-book copy of

How To Save Your Stuff From a Disaster

($19.95 value for immediate use and reference!)

2. A Large Container (13 oz.) of Museum Wax

to shake proof (anchor down) the collectibles in your house and office

($16.95 value + $12 S/H …

will be sent right out to you or your “friend”)

3. The instructional video (plus, LOTS of FREE bonus material!) for making the use of Museum Wax even easier.

($37.95 value + $7.00 S/H)

4. Here’s the “kicker”… this package includes up to 1 hour of telephone consultation time with national preservation expert and author, Scott Haskins. Ask him step by step what to do. Or ask any other questions you may have.

$200.00 value

Total value of this package deal: $293.85



That’s an 77% discount!!!

… and you can get started immediately!!!

But… there’s a “but”!

We’re limiting this offer to 300 of these packages.

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What will happen if you don’t take action now?! Nothing!

You will not protect your photos

Your family history will be at risk.

You may lose something of extreme importance to you

and your family that you cannot replace.

Insurance cannot cover family history items that are lost.

The value of your losses and the cost of picking up the broken pieces will FAR EXCEED the cost, pleasure and peace of mind of getting started NOW!

“In my region of the country, I am known as the ‘Earthquake Lady.’ Whenever the press wants to know something, I’m the one in front of the camera. I’m always getting questions about people’s personal items and I’ve always had difficulty answering them. Now I can answer all their questions! I’m so pleased to have found this book!”

Dr. Joyce B. Bagley, Charleston Southern University, S. Carolina

Scott Haskins, a preservation expert for 35 years and a great teacher, wrote a fabulous book on being prepared and SAVING YOUR STUFF! His book saved my most valued possessions… photos, paintings, and more…THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE! All of you here in Hurricane Country need to get this book! Toni Drago, Hurricane Harbor, FL

I was panicked!, November 28, 2000 Review

By A Customer

What a life saver this book was! My whole box of photos (yes, an old cardboard box) was in my garage when we were hit by huge amounts of rainfall last winter. The rain poured through the garage and soaked everything that was down there. I was paniced. My girlfriend told me to go and buy this book which I did promptly. I saved every single photograph in that old box. Now my whole family history is in the proper type of books, in order and protected. Everyone should own this book. It is an excellent guide and reference book that you will refered to over and over…..

Depth and breadth, March 30, 2009 Review

By S. Derrin Watson

The extent of Scott’s knowledge and his abilities to make it clear are truly remarkable. He has helped me avoid several mistakes. You will be well rewarded for the modest investment in this book.

a lifesaver!, August 12, 2009 Review

By George C. (Santa Barbara, CA)

I was evacuated from my house during one of four fires in the Santa Barbara area this past year. Luckily, my house was spared, but I did experience some smoke damage. How to Save Your Stuff gave me some great tips and had referrals for suppliers of preservation materials. I hope there are no more fires, but if there are, I know how to save all of my sentimental items.

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