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Sad Family History Story From Japan’s Earthquake/Tsunami- But A Lesson Can Be Learned

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From the news… With each passing day after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, more and more poignant stories of survivors and victims are emerging.
Immediately after the quake, Katsutaro Hamada, 79, fled to safety with his wife. But then he went back home to retrieve a photo album of his granddaughter, 14-year-old Saori, and grandson, 10-year-old Hikaru.
Just then the tsunami came and swept away his home. Rescuers found Hamada’s body, crushed by the first floor bathroom walls. He was holding the album to his chest, Kyodo news agency reported.
“He really loved the grandchildren. But it is stupid,” said his son, Hironobu Hamada. “He loved the grandchildren so dearly. He has no pictures of me!”
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Floss Your Photos?!

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Magnetic photo albums are not archival. They will accelerate problems.

Do you have magnetic photo albums? Here’s a video from the Smithsonian with a neat trick on how to detach hard to remove photos.  The floss is a good trick/technique but be sure to use weights to hold down the page while detaching the photo, as she has demonstrated. It makes the job much easier!

After the photo is detached and in the interim of doing something long term with the photo, this quick video shows a good next step for cheap, quick, easy archival storage:

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